Matt TuckerMatt Tucker is a stage and film actor, writer, director, producer, Libra, Seattleite, comics nerd, sports fan, pop culture reviewer, and aspiring person. Someday, he’ll be a real boy.

Tucker is co-founder and co-president of Playhouse Films, which has produced a short film, The Apartment. As a screenwriter, he has written a number of short film scripts as well as three feature-length works: Raining In Baltimore, a romantic dramedy; a draft of Green Lantern, a superhero action-adventure; and The Fifth Partition, an adaptation featuring the Marvel Comics hero Hawkeye. He is presently at work on another feature-length screenplay, The Back-Up Husband, as well as a web series for Playhouse Films called Authentic.

Matt regularly contributes to the KSiteTV network of sites, primarily as staff writer and reviewer at GreenArrowTV and DaredevilTV. In addition, he is an editor and senior writer at Sonics Rising, a member site of Vox Media’s SB Nation dedicated to the preservation and return of the Seattle SuperSonics basketball team to the NBA.

Born in Scotland to American parents, he currently resides in Seattle, Washington.

To learn more about Matt, please visit:

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